The Moon is not an electric light-bulb

Full moon

You buy water in plastic bottles.

After eleven years from now,

you would buy oxygen in glass bottles.

The girl who stays with you in the hostel

will say that she prefers hers with vanilla



Elephants would have been extinct by then.

The buildings would be touching the moon.

The moon is not an electric light-bulb that

you can change with another.

You would listen to your favorite symphony:

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata selected

by a robot who stays as your personal assistant.

The robot had come as a birthday gift from your sister

who lives in Hong Kong; she would have

metamorphosed into paintings by then as people

would no longer make any sense to her.


One night you too would feel nauseous in the

cacophony of swarming people and ghosts

of extinct bees; do call me then.

We would talk about Sylvia Plath, confessional

poetry; Pablo Neruda, romantic style;

Maya Angelou, poems of angst and survival;

and discuss about the new emerging voices in writing

And then perhaps we would both feel fine while looking

at the moon from our windows.


Poem by Avijeet Das


Avijeet Rabindranath Das is a poet, writer, and wanderer. His debut poetry book “A Handful of Shiulis” was published by Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York in September, 2017. He made it to the Wild Card Number – 6 long list in the Saboteur Awards UK in 2018. An art film “Muse” infusing his poetry with the digital artistry of Harvard University Visiting Artist, Carla Ciuffo, received applause in film festivals in 2018. His poetry amalgamating with the photography of Vanessa Thomas featured in “Worth 1000 Words Art Exhibition” in Bankhead Theater, California, in 2019.
Apart from writing, he loves teaching bright and young minds to achieve their dreams and goals in life.