Death Is Lurking

Earth space universe globe

death is lurking
in dying stars gamma rays and falling ice comets
species extinction and oil pumping billionaires

i must apologize to my daughter the way my father should apologize to
me. i’m sorry you have inherited this dying Earth, this crying tongue
that has forgotten how to speak.

in death, as in life
she starts as pure emptiness, a bowl filling
specialized designs, like in thoughts and dreams
realized visions
in birth she is starting her cycle which brings her back to nothing,
pure emptiness.

something in the absolute understanding and acceptance of her origin
and imminent return to the fertilizing form reaps benefits in life
that when realized can be beneficial to her brief flirting with
creation so she dances through it with carelessness… the way a
feather floats through the beaches breath.

this time around…
all we can hope to do is go in a circle once…. please, i ask my
life, as i plead, allow one dance around your circle before i die.

wishes, i have only one, let me pass that way first, so that she can see the way


Poem by Syed Salman Abbas