The Guardian

Sometimes you just know that you are walking into a magical fairy place. You see the signs and feel the vibes that invite you in and welcome you.

At first, the Guardian looks like tree roots with a branch of dead leaves brought in by the storm. The Guardian stopped me in my tracks, as if to say, “We don’t allow everyone to come into our playground! We know, in some way, you see us and acknowledge our presence.”

Now, looking again, at the Guardian, a ghost like figure of a big White-tailed Deer buck is superimposed over the tree roots and dead leaves. If you can’t see him, you can feel the strength and protectiveness of his presence.

“Continue to see, hear and feel the magic in the woods!”



Flash Fiction and photograph by Nancy Cook

Nancy Cook is now retired and an emerging writer. She has been writing blogs since 2010, with much of the writing having nature and spirituality themes. Her connection to the spirit world comes through to this dimension with automatic writing and drawing.