Vivid autumn leaves scattered on ground

You know the sound –
That light scrape of leaf
Once fallen.

Like an old transistor
Radio switched on
It crackles

Passing along the street
With grace and a
Gentle disturbance.

Traveling lightly it
Changes direction
So easily.

Does it know its destination?
Does it know it’s
Already dead?

Yet still it travels
And crackles and
Seduces me.

I want to follow
But can’t keep up catching
Only fragments.

Does this fallen leaf
Now out of sight know I
Miss her?

I remember how it moved
Sharp, crisp.
And stirring.

And that crackle –
To hear it again
I cry.


By Pasquale Trozzolo

Pasquale Trozzolo is an entrepreneur and founder of Trozzolo Communications Group, one of the leading advertising and public relations firms in the Midwest. He also spent time as a racecar driver and grad school professor. Now with too much time on his hands, he continues to complicate his life by living out as many retirement clichés as possible. He’s up to the P’s. In 2020 his work was published in Sunspot Literary Journal, The Virgin Islands Source, The Pangolin Review, What Rough Beast, 34th Parallel, From Whispers to Roars, The Dewdrop, Wingless Dreamer, City Lifestyles, and Passager Journal . His debut chapbook Before the Distance is forthcoming by Poetry Box Press in December of this year. @ptrozzolo @poetpasquale