Backyard Sermon

Brown owl on tree branch

I wandered as a boy
Wondered at such Creation
From the Almighty
Such great imagination
Rambling in breezy nocturnal retrospect
Soaking in tales and circumspect
Myriad stars and katydid choir
Ranid barks, moonshines fire
Barred owl bay strikes fear
In those who do not revere
The transcendental recitation
Uttered from plant and animal population
I the witness do proclaim
Grandeur of unity, diversity ordained
From intergalactic nebulous presence
Uniting all created in the Presence
Flashy abdomen sends the message
To myriad nature sages
In the Carolina hills painted
A tapestry of sound untainted
Hail murky evensong
Rest upon my skin so long



Poem by Robert Carter

I am a naturalist with a prior career as a natural resource professor. Now I teach the public the wonders of nature. I also listen to nature. This is the source of my inspiration.