What Does the Wood Thrush Say?

Redwing bird on ground in autumn

What does the wood thrush say?
Thus, begins in early May
Warbling and bubbling vocalization
Speaking to every nation
The Creator’s secret concoction
To each soul’s provocation
Daily the summer prophecy
Bringing Good News to me and thee
Christ spoke of the lily and sparrow
No worry for each tomorrow
Wood thrush’s moving preaching
Available, if open to teaching
God’s plan of creation
Making all by selection
Interwoven and connected
Earth and human and avid perfected
Mystery, evolution, creation, and redemption
By Christ and feathered hath mentioned
For human to unravel and ponder
Listen to thrush on branch ayonder
Listen, listen and you will hear
The Creator speaking clear


Poem by Robert Carter

Robert Carter is a naturalist from the Carolina Piedmont. After a career as a college professor, he moved back to the Carolinas to be a museum naturalist and to enjoy the land that has always inspired him.