Dawn’s Gift

Clouds cropland crops dawn

Standing on the edge of night and day
I wash my worries with the rain.
And paint my hopes in watercolors
across my soul, with a palette of
Blush Peony and Lavender.

In moving meditation, I brush
strokes of long wispy streaks
and sponge dabs of Cornflower
Blue, mixing with the mist of
last night’s rain.

With a drop of California Poppy,
I dance, turning mist into dew
and shadows of darkness into light.
As morning breaks, I break myself open
to spread my self-portrait across the sky.

My gift to you.


By Rashna Wadia

Rashna Wadia is a writer and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. She leads art, writing, and mindfulness workshops for children. A naturalist at heart, Rashna spends her time gardening, bird watching, and studying the healing properties of herbs. She also takes care of her two outdoor cats who wandered into her garden one day last year, and never left.