Forest Bathing

forest bathing

gnarled roots anchor
heaven bound
towering trees

ancient souls
where creatures dwell
singing serene euphonies

rough brown bark
worn with age
furrowed and scarred
softly kissed by
plump tussocks of moss

shafts of mellow light filter
through canopy of green
casting a magical glow
illuminating forest floor
bespeckled with bells of white
and yellow cornets

pungent pine mingles with
the sweet surrendering
scent of morning dew
perfuming the drifting air

intoxicating healing primeval beauty
caresses and rejuvenates
all who step into forest’s embrace


Poem by Abby DeSantis


Abby DeSantis is a retired fashion executive from New York City currently living in northeast Pennsylvania. She was inspired to write poetry after attending a local poetry reading in 2019. Abby’s poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals including Poems from the Lockdown, The Poetic Bond X, Trees from a Garden of Ashes, Chaos, Northeastern Pennsylvania Bards, Beat, Tiny Seeds Journal and The Tanka Society of America 2020 Journal.