Ash Keys

Photo of old tree

Ash Keys

Don’t mistake the Ash
With his hundreds of dense bunches
Of single-winged rusty-brown keys
Rattling in the sideways rain
For a medieval jailer
Holding keys to
Life draining prison cells
And separate existences.

No. The Ash is in fact
Holding the keys to
Something much greater.

The Ash keys open doors
To other portals
And present
A myriad of interconnected paths.

Where all humans and animals and plants
Co-habit peacefully
Where the past, present and future
Find themselves meshed together and inseparable
Where spiritual, emotional and physical
Are stirred together into one big melting pot.

Where the universe
Is interacting with us all
Responsive and intelligent
Loving us back
Absorbing and reacting to
All our thoughts and
Prayers and action.

Hold Ash keys in your hands
Or sleep with them under your pillow
And unlock the mystery
The universal truth
The intricate and intimate
Of everything.

Poem by Sherin Shefik


Sherin has published her creative work with Oxford University Press, the Mindful Word, ARTEMIS poetry, The Closed Eye Open, the Wild Roof Journal, and the Woman Made’s Gallery. She writes poetry, paints and teaches yoga to connect to the mysterious forces ever-present and abundant in the natural world. She creates to remind herself that the entire universe is intricately and intimately interconnected through vibration and meaning. She is also a lawyer, diplomat and a Fulbright Scholar.