Green tall trees with view of mountain and sun peeking through

It’s always sunrise somewhere.
The new colors of day dissipate
as they travel across the Earth’s
bumpy surface, edging back the dark.

There’s birdsong, highway
hum, insect buzz,
chipmunk complaint,
creaks from my body.

The day is just warming up
to be itself, hitting its stride
from anthills to offices,
irrepressible, the arc
of awakening.



Poem by Michael Favala Goldman

Poet Michael Favala Goldman (b.1966) is also a jazz clarinetist, an educator and a widely-published translator of Danish literature. Over 140 of his translations and poems have appeared in literary journals. Among his seventeen translated books are Dependency by Tove Ditlevsen (a Penguin Modern Classic), and Something To Live Up To – Selected Poems of Benny Andersen. Goldman’s three books of poetry include Who has time for this?, Small Sovereign, and Small Phoenix. He runs bi-weekly poetry critique groups and lives in Florence, MA. https://michaelfavalagoldman.com/