Secluded Forest

Photo of forest during daytime

Untamed flowers are scattered
amidst legions of trees.
Light balances on suspended leaves,
shadows mask the underside.
Insects crawl unnoticed in crevices
between mossy stones.
A rill cleaves pine needle floors,
paints images in vignettes
on glossy reflections.

A rush of feathered air,
padding of hooved feet.
In measured breaths
beat of heart and forest
stirs within the hidden realm.
An ancient kingdom’s sovereignty
unsullied, intact.



Poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet
Lynne D. Soulagnet has been published in Adelaide Literary Review, Paterson Literary Review, Amethyst Review, Paumanok: Interwoven, and many others. She is a member of Performance Poets Association and remains active in poetry venues on Long Island where she resides.