Solace of the Seed

Green leafed plant

Carolina Wren postured on a limb
Bursting forth the ancient hymn
Calling to buds, blades, and seeds
Awake, awake respond to the plead

The winter sleep is now ended
As new life is rendered
From buds and seeds come heaves
Radicles and primordial leaves

Responding to the lengthening days
Feeling the warming sun’s rays
Now comes the spring resurrection
Emerging for a sacred consecration

Upward unfolds the season’s first leaves
Declaring the Creator’s ancient weaves
You should listen and observe
For the yearly sermon to preserve

The robin listens, but what of thee
Rushing through life, onward to flee
Passing by or crushing force
Without deep regard or remorse

In the solace of the seed
Lurks a message you must heed
Sapience for your spirit
And peace for those that hear it

Thus, our reverence we should repay
To the Divine’s yearly display
And assist our fellow sojourners
To persist in their exquisite overtures


Poem by Robert Carter

Robert Carter is a forest ecologist and naturalist from the Carolinas.