Seeds Life

White dandelion in close up photography

Seduced by the wind,
Stolen on the bird’s wing,
Scattered by a sinuous stream,
Surrendering to mother’s rich soil,
Slumbering serenely in silent time,
Scrupulously caressed by sweet sunshine,
Soothingly nourished by nurturing spring rains,
Suddenly arising from her sheltered long sleep,
Sprouting to reveal her elegance, beauty and sustenance,
Sustaining and securing the line of generations through the ages,
She sweetens the air, spreads her good will nourishing earth’s spirit and soul.


Poem by Daniel Tardona

Daniel is a retired biologist/ranger after 32 years in the National Park Service. He now strives to be a better writer of poetry and short story writer. Daniel lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his cat buddy Shilo.