Seeds of Womanhood

Family, friends, teachers
planted seeds since birth.

Confidence, judgment,
self-discipline lay dormant,
waited for opportune
conditions, time to mature.

Conscientiousness, tolerance
hid within like
buried treasure,
awaited discovery.

Curiosity, creativity,
passion, goals
surfaced gradually
ready for harvest.

Optimism redeemed
for negativity.
Inner beauty nurtured
by patience, diligence.



Poem by Suzanne Cottrell

Suzanne Cottrell is the author of three poetry chapbooks: Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter; Gifts of the Seasons, Spring and Summer; and Scarred Resilience (Kelsay Books). She is an outdoor enthusiast and retired teacher, who enjoys reading, hiking, and Pilates. Read more about her writing journey at