Sometimes (a Seed)

and sometimes

like the day

I am breaking

I am becoming

sharp light

and the stillness

is leaving

the quiet

is gone


I am unable

to find the sleep

the night

the closed

whole night



the stillness

becomes me

and the

heart of me

like a lost bone

is bleaching in

the moon’s light


my thoughts become

a song and the song

becomes a dream


like this


I am a child again

a girl again

swimming inside


Myself again


I am reminded

I am able

I am breathing in

the stillness

I am feeling full

on the night


like a held whole note

a held breath

a held exhale


and here and how

is how and when I

touch the



Poem by Stephanie A. M. Olson

I am the English teacher at a rural school in northwestern Minnesota. I earned my Writing MFA at Hamline University, and my work has appeared in a handful of publications here and there.