Overture to a Seed

Hello tiny seed,
would you do me the favor
of growing for me?
I know you’ve traveled far to get here
in your pretty paper packet.

I want you to feel at home.

Please, little seed,
would you do me the kindness
of sprouting for me?
I bought you the very best soil,
recommended by the very best experts.

I want you to be happy
Oh precious seed,
would you do me the honor
of blooming for me?
I will give you the finest spot in the garden,
water and warm sun.

I want you to love your life.

Please grow for me, tiny seed.
I’ll do better than last time.
I promise.


Poem by Carol Wolf

Carol Wolf is a graphic designer, fine artist, and writer living in northern New Jersey. She received her BFA from the School of Art at The Cooper Union in 1984, and also manages The Cottage Place Gallery in Ridgewood, NJ. Carol’s artwork and creative writing explores the passage of time, the seasons, and the natural world. She enjoys spending time outside in the woods and in her garden, which inspires her creative writing.