galactic question mark syndrome

how did you end up on this bipolar planet
past its biosphere’s prime

on maybe the galaxy’s only world
with enough living species to seed

all the barren goldilocks globes
whose private pent-up hopes

to initiate photosynthesis sex to beget
whole lineages of green-and-red-and-yellow beings

depend upon your grasp that every unrequited pollination
amounts to just another unviewed postcard

just more tiresome grey canvas because
you didn’t internalize the garden directive



Poem by Climbing Sun

Climbing Sun is a world and inner traveler, body-surfer, engineer, teacher, and poet born in Michigan, raised in Ohio, and educated in Florida, who continues to design structures throughout the U.S. He has taught poetry in California elementary and junior high schools for over two decades and is published in several poetry journals. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and maintains a poetry blog.