Plant Your Words


Plant your words


on this page,
on your lips
in the garden 
of your mind

where thoughts blossom
grow in the dappled shadows,
the moist earth of tomorrow.

Seed life with your words,
sprout your dreams
cultivate possibilities.

Water these pages of your life,
the pale forearm of this line
burrowing through the soil.

Poem by Heidi Sander, co-author of Plant Your Words

Heidi Sander is an award-winning poet and bestselling author, Pushcart Prize nominee and screenwriter. Her most recent book, The Forest Of My Mind has been praised as “a heartfelt journey of recovery from grief…memorable and exquisitely crafted” by Bruce Meyer, award-winning poet and author of Grace of Falling Stars.

She is also the creator of Pathways To Poetry, an online program that helps poets develop their writing, publish their poetry, and promote their work.
Award-winning poet
Creator of Pathways To Poetry Online Program
The Forest of My Heart (forthcoming 2023)
Soul Circles (forthcoming 2023)