Natural Law (Fig Leaf)

gray trunk green leaf tree beside body of water

Emulated from a sweet tooth long ago
The fig leaf is a prudent prophetic piece of the past

A transcendental transitory
Mitigating the pressures between our psyches
This boiling bowl of leaves is a cup of contemporary art

This tree brews foliage, she knows no boundaries
Her fruit drops at the first site of terracotta
Dry and resilient, she scales buildings, builds towns

Fig is the finite fruit of all people with a bias to the desert
She is the jewel of our evening snacks
Her sugars speak to our gut and draw a declaration on our brain

Fig is the mother tree of our natural laws
She writes policy for microbes that survive
She is the passport we lost when we traded
her ripeness for newtons, containers

Her sweet life is bound to the coasts
So, when you see her, take a leaf for a souvenir

Because her sap will not last forever.

Our trees are our relations,
how can we pay our respects?

Poem By Jamie Nix, co-author of Plant Your Words

Jamie Nix has been writing poetry since 2003 and continues practicing as a therapeutic exercise. She writes about topics to include love, human rights, and her relationship with prayer, and our soil. She serves as co-founder, writer, editor, and organizer for Plants and Poetry, a small business in Bentonville, AR, while she lives in Rabat, Morocco with her husband, Tariq, and their dog River.

Plants and Poetry connects poets and gardeners around the world and every plant sold comes with a poem that teaches one how to care for the plant. Some of their plants and poems are in this chapbook. More information can be found here:

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