Into The Countryside

low angle photography of nature under cloudy sky

I see trees and they look menacing, like witch fingers,
I see birds in the sky and they fly where they wish,
I see clouds, they shape into whatever concept upon my mind lingers,
I see flowers and bees, the clouds look like aliens and fish,
We drive by and I see my favourite house, a bright yellow colour,
I know not who lives there, but I don’t care,
For it makes me think of sunny days with magic and wonder,
But we leave the sights behind and I don’t think it’s fair,
Until mother brings us back on these trips through countryside,
Where horses and cows find their home,
And dogs roam free with little on their mind,
And as do I, around this landscape I roam,
Its my own wonderland and I’ll protect it as much as I can,
Even as I grow old and I see signs of destruction upon land I once loved,
Seeking to tear down nature in place of buildings for man,
But I’ll take a stand for our planet, its fate in the balance it shall hover,
And give a voice to the natural world as the last generation to save the trees, birds and bees.

Poem by Emily Dawson

My name is Emily Dawson, I am a graduate of Kingston University, in English Literature, and have been writing since I was very young. It has been my passion for my entire life, my goals are to become a published author and poet. I mostly write short prose, short stories and poems about my life, those around me and the world as I see it. I have been published on other websites such as the Everyday Magazine and Green Ink Poetry, if you wish to read more of my work.