Poetry of the Wild Flowers 

Theme:  Wildflowers 


Wildflowers are flowers that grow freely in the wild. Wildflowers grow in forests, fields, parks, and unusual places like floating bogs and sidewalk cracks. 

If a wildflower could write a poem, what would they have to share? What would they say?

How would a wildflower perceive the spring rain?

Or the sun-filled mornings of May?

Or the dance of bumblebees and butterflies as they tickle each petal?

Choose one wildflower and let it speak to you; let it tell you its poetry, its song, its story. 

Observe or reflect on a  field of wildflowers and let it inspire your words to spread like seeds growing new poems on your page. 

Submission open: January 1st, 2023 on Submittable

Tiny Seed Press & Tiny Seed Literary Journal are publishing a poetry collection titled “Poetry of the Wild Flowers.” June 2023

25% of Submission fees is donated to the Garden in the Woods – Native Plant Trust