Shasta Daisy

white and yellow daisy flower close up photography

Humans think me simple—

think they can name me

and all my parts

as if I’m style, anther, filament—

pretty face and all the rest—

their words—peduncle.

I am so much more than that—

than disk and petal, etc., etc.—

as I raise myself to greet the sun

and say hello to water,

butterfly—bee & bird & rain—

to soil

and to bow to wind

and close myself at rest

to let in darkened skies

before I shake myself—

of stars—take care—

of what is life.

Lynne Goldsmith

Lynne Goldsmith’s first poetry collection, Secondary Cicatrices, won seven honors. By Light and Hidden Matter is her latest poetry collection. Two of her children’s picture books each won an honor and two of her photos in the 2022 Nature Conservancy International Photography Contest of over 100,000 entries were picked as judges’ “Favorites” (nonwinning) in the climate and plants/fungi categories. Lynne also has another photo published with Tiny Seed Literary Journal that’s soon to be published in their upcoming book anthology.