Caterpillar Scorpionweed

green leaves of maple in garden

(Phacelia cicutaria)

Unrequited, we look to

tomorrow, feather

and wind in the unexpected.

Already, you have your own

marrow, bone and brilliance,

both ribcage and respite.

We are not to decide

the lock-stepped meaning

of anything sky-written,

already beginning to disappear.

The unkept can only be misunderstood.

Before moonset, we trace small,

wing-shaped silhouettes;

we become shadow puppets

of the sycamore.

Heather Lang-Cassera

Heather Lang-Cassera is a 2022 Nevada Arts Council Literary Arts Fellow, a Tolsun Books publisher, a lecturer with Nevada State College, a 300 Days of Sun Faculty Advisor, and a Clark County, Nevada Poet Laureate Emeritus. She has been published by the North American Review, South Dakota Review, Raleigh Review, and many other publications. She is the author of Gathering Broken Light (Unsolicited Press, 2021), which was written with the support of a Nevada Arts Council grant and won the NYC Big Book Award in Poetry, Social/Political.