The Attraction of Wildflowers

close up photography of lupines
Wildflowers are beautiful and free, dependent on no one.
Allowed untouched space they will fleur-ish and show off
Bidding us notice them, come and see.
Their spotlight will be fleeting, open your eyes wide
Take in their extravagance, it is hard to come by.
They wait all year, then toil furiously to
 explode on the fielded stage in showgirl fancy.
The performance is a limited engagement.
Even if shining for just a moment in this life
We want to be like them.
A miracle from a tiny seed,
We envy their preordained right to be where they are.

Their ranges of sizes and locales amaze us
Calling us to discover and celebrate life.
The wildflower is something you can’t capture. 
Reflecting light from above or soaking it in
different wavelengths to astonish us - 
Pastel ones soften and calm us
Brightly-colored ones awaken our minds
Dark and mysterious ones lull us to reverie
and bid us to enter another world.
The oddly- shaped and patterned ones
The ones that draw in amazing creatures 
The incredibly fragrant ones whose
aromas take us from one emotion to another.
En masse, they make the greatest impression of all 
We long to paint our walls with such a canvas.

A wildflower is forever a beauty in someone’s eyes,
The gift of youth kissed upon its face.
Portents of the miraculous – 
We want to keep their magic with us.
Wild blooms are spellbinders and the charm they cast
improve our lives and nature’s as well.
Some say each has its own fairy.
Together they weave a unique magic.
They are wishes, dreams, backgrounds and focal points. 
They decorate our lives in many ways
and imply a favorable outlook. 
Untamed, they symbolize freedom and individuality.

Flowers give life lessons, speaking of vindication
especially on a barren landscape. They also say,
“I will go on” despite trying circumstances. 
We would that these natural artforms lead 
to an enlightened wisdom if only we experience 
the gifts that they offer.

We can explain away their origin, but we’d 
rather imagine they dropped from the sky or
appeared from the depths as a lucky prize. 
These beauties speak to us of fantastical worlds
to which many humans would prefer to escape.
Most of all, they tell us to BLOOM. 

Margie B. Klein

Margie B. Klein is a 30-plus year veteran writer on nature, and has had the pleasure of contributing for Tiny Seed before. She holds degrees in the natural sciences and is certified in environmental education, nature interpretation, and ecopsychology.