The Wild One

asteraceae beautiful bloom blooming

The pull to emerge became so urgent.

Every cell of my being ready to break through soil.

To dance in the waves of wind,

To feel ablaze in the warmth of the sun,

To be coveted by the bee,

To know the caress of a raindrop and fury of a storm.

To be glorious in this moment,

As if it were every moment.

Brimming with radiant light,

Shining in a field of countless others,

“I exist,” “I exist,” delighted to exist.

Andrea Bradney

Andrea Bradney is a yoga teacher whose interests include the study of breath work, meditation, movement, yogic philosophy and spirituality. Her practice of writing poetry is inspired by the deep love of place she finds when visiting forest trails in the Knobs Region of Kentucky, where she grew up. Andrea believes our own healing is found in the remembrance of who we are, an inextricably connected part of this beautiful earth.