Lost Trail

One day,
walking in the woods
with my mother,
she stopped.

It was early spring.

She cupped in her hand
a stem of tiny white flowers,
so bright they glowed
among matted leaves at the base
of a pine.

Because of the way
she recognizing the pale buds,
like friends,
I now understand
she had been here before

and I imagine that
someone once
took her walking
and with soft knowing eyes
bent over the same
wondrous flowers
and said,
“See? Trailing Arbutus!
Native to here.”

I wish I’d asked, “Who?

Poem by Janice Scully

Janice Scully lives near Syracuse New York with her husband, Bart, and writes a weekly poetry blog, Salt City Verse at http://janicescully.com. She has an MFA from Vermont College and has had poem published previously in Tiny Seed Literary as well as other magazines and on-line websites for both adults and children.