Silversword Pierce

“Did you see the silversword blooming
Happens once every half century”

Distracted I had passed by 
stuck in some mind-invented crevice
all about my imprisoned ego waiting 
for more stabs from women I thought 
I’d defeated back on other dust-caked trails

Instead here in the middle of windy Pacific
atop two-mile-high House of the Sun
comes this fellow hiker’s verbal eruption
shaking me to reverse course 
across baking black cinders 
to witness a battalion of phallic swords saluting
a crown bejeweled with uncountable purple flowers
One glorious hymn
In tribute 
to this thin heavenly air 
before its—and my—dying

Looking back from fifty years
pure bliss is finally to know
great and grand he-flower 
sent a love note straight
into my now completely-pierced heart

Poem by Climbing Sun

Climbing Sun is a world and inner traveler, body-surfer, poet, teacher, engineer and building designer born and raised near Lake Erie. He taught poetry in California elementary and junior high schools for well over two decades and is the author of two chapbooks and a novel. He is published in several journals and is currently enduring a hyperactive retirement in Boca Raton, Florida which includes the design of energy-efficient structures on both the east and west coasts. His writings are an ongoing attempt to integrate the earthly, human, and spirit realms. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and maintains a writing blog on his website: