Listen to the calico aster

purple petal flower
Listen to the calico aster
Sharing wisdom from the Master
Carried on the whispering wind
While bees, pollen to attend

With flower so complex
Observers whence and vex
At the intricate disc and ray
Whimsy autumnal display

Diminutive in glorious array
White and lavender on display
Content in the sun kissed fields
With bounteous blossoms to yield

Lowly flower imbued with grace
With environs harsh to face 
Few complaints, but ever grateful
Each day, shown to be gainful

As the lilies, with no worries
Amidst the competition flurries
Always the joyful mentor
As soil, roots do explore

In this humble expression
Comes steadfast succession
But in the meekness of a flower
Come expressions of true power

With little worry and endeavor
They are an ancient confessor
Of God to all creation
Keep faith in each generation

Robert Carter

Robert Carter is a naturalist and poet from the Carolinas.