Depth of Field

selective focus photography of yellow flowers
Spring had arrived! 
Yet somehow, that first week, the landscaper missed our house. 
Our neighbor’s lawn was trim and tidy; 
A groomed green plot, spotless and respectable. 
Perhaps, as daylight faded, ours was left to another day.

The grass grew.

Rain came, that steady Spring rain
that keeps the landscapers home. 
April violets bloomed uninterrupted, uncut, 
generous sprinkles of purple with one splattered dash of white. Dandelions followed, first flower then seed.

Bees buzzed. 
       And the grass grew.

More missed weeks. An apologetic call.
The landscaper’s crew was down by half; he couldn’t keep up.
By now the rising grass brushed my ankles;
I kept to the trodden paths of nocturnal visitors leading to the pond. Bugleweed and Creeping Charlie took their turn center stage.

Butterflies chased nectar.
       Birds chased butterflies. 
             And the grass continued to grow.

June loomed. 
The landscaper’s mower was out for repairs. 
My modest swath of lawn now overflowed 
with color and life. Buttercups abounded, and 
Kentucky Blue Eyed Grass peeked at me from the edges.

Pollinators caroused in the clover;
  a newborn fawn nestled, napping,
    concealed with care while mother foraged,
      as once tamed grass succumbed to wild abandon.

Carol Wolf

Carol Wolf is a graphic designer and fine artist living in the woodlands of northwestern NJ.  Carol’s artwork and writing explores the natural world, seasons, and the passage of time.