Blue-Eyed Grass: Their Sweet, Oh, Lullaby

Simplified beauty and tasteless rain
with all the leaves and we bow down
to another day. The language
of weeds bring me to a river bay
yet we chop them down
with the blades and sun rays bounce
off their petals for one more day,
laying in the backyard next to the
bark that fell down from above.
O’Keefe tells me those petals
are just for I as I hear their sweet
oh, lullaby

J Woltz

J Woltz utilizes digital photography, video, sculpture, spoken word, poetry, and fiction to share their voice. Through a wide array of artistic mediums, J’s artwork spans a variety of poetic, political, and social issues. Through a critical, queer, disabled, and feminist lens, J’s work aims to arouse concern and stimulate conversations that evoke the necessary change.