Ox-Eye Daisy

white daisy flower
Leucanthemum vulgare

A daisy –

has no time for horology
or policy,
too busy being happy.

When called a noxious weed,
it doesn’t see
a problem, just proceeds,

stomping through disheveled
roadside and field
like a reckless child.

It plays hide and seek in cities,
line-dances at summer parties
with its Black-Eyed Susan buddies,

and it doesn’t care a whit
if it loses all its petals to find out
whether she loves me or not.

E R Lutken

E. R. Lutken, a family physician, worked on the Navajo Nation for many years, and later taught science and mathematics in rural Colorado. Her poems have appeared in Cagibi, Ocotillo, Think and other journals. She has a collection “Manifold: poetry of mathematics” (3: A Taos Press, 2021), a web site: