Three Maine Haiku

purple lupine flower in closeup photography

Along Route 1
Coastal route bordered
by tall glories of lupines:
The way June should be.

Irish Spring
A stroke of Spring’s bow
unfurls fiddleheads fancy
in jig of green joy.

You’ll Nev-uh Be a Maine-uh
Invasive loosestrife
flashy impudent tourist:
You weed From Away!

Rosemary Herbert

Rosemary Herbert, who served as the Boston Herald’s garden columnist and book review editor for 10 years, is also a writer and editor in the crime and mystery genre. Her works include The Oxford Companion to Crime & Mystery Writing and Front Page Teaser: A Liz Higgins Mystery. She nurtured her love of wildflowers during her years living in Rockland, on Maine’s mid coast, and on Cousins Island in Maine’s Casco Bay, and also during visits to The New England Wild Flower Society’s Garden in the Woods in Framingham, Massachusetts, a property that she wrote about frequently for the Boston Herald. She now divides her time between Akron, Ohio, and southern Maine.