Morning Glory

close up shot of a morning glory flower
walk with me into sacred woods
show me the way through deserts
I take you up this woodland path
you find our way to water
I point out vines and branches
you bring us close to flowers
whispering their name, whispering 
in my ear, touching me as gently
as softly as I bring my lips
to your forehead, that place we know
places we go, spaces we have
known, flown, grown together
you planted morning-glory seeds 
from that incandescent morning
our love is still unfolding, uncurling
reaching toward the light

Carole Greenfield

Carole Greenfield grew up in Colombia and resides in New England, where she teaches multilingual learners. Her work has appeared in Sky Island Journal, Glacial Hills Review, The Plenitudes and Dodging the Rain, among others. Her first collection of poems is forthcoming this summer.