An Unknown Family of Flowers

purple flowers on meadow

Their heads are enchantingly unblue,
like the aftermath of a war between a white sock and inky blue top
or the fresh hello of snow, the over-confident bleach spot
on an old pair of jeans or teeth under UV in a nightclub.

Their veins blush unpurple,
like blood vessels threatening to erupt from thighs,
day and night straddling the Andalusian sky,
the silk label sucked shy on a baby’s favorite blanky.

Their lips laugh unlilac,
like the spit-warmed skin of a half-bitten Palma Violet,
blueberry juice stains smeared on a toddler’s cheeks
or spirits of light flying through crystal wind chimes.

Their necks cling to the steel fence,
like a child trying to tell you that home is sure-fire death,
as ghosts of ideas crave freedom in the unwhite morning mist
like bone knuckles, trying not to be born of the same clenched fist,

tell me, dear stranger
have you ever seen wildflowers the colour of this?

Louise Goodfield

Louise is a poet, writer and perpetual wanderer, using poetry as the eyes through which to see and connect deeply to life’s outer and inner landscapes. 

With a background as an Actress, she began writing and performing poetry in 2018 and in 2019 was awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice Grant by Arts Council England to develop and deliver poetry workshops and events in for vulnerable adults and young people in London.

She was accepted into the Apples & Snakes emerging writers program in 2020 and her words and poems have been published in Lapidus International: Words for Wellbeing, Allegro Poetry, Poetry Out Loud by S Pen Union London and in ‘Poetry of Wild Flowers’ anthology by Tiny Seed Press.

Louise has performed her poetry around the UK and internationally, featuring at Sunday Assembly London, The Great Connection Festival, Nozstock Festival, Alexandra Palace, Newham Word Festival, Word Soul: The Lockdown Project, Apples and Snakes: Platform Poets, Born Lippy x Spoken Poetry Exchange and What You Saying? Most recently, Louise performed her poetry at the Teatro Coliseo in Spain.

Although born in the UK, she splits her time between London and Spain as a freelance copywriter as well as writing memoir and travel poetry via her Instagram @a_poetontheroad and poetry blog

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