This Spring

bee feeding on a blooming wildflower

this spring I’ll only sow wildflowers
nothing edible
nothing useful
nothing productive
nothing that needs my attention or my effort
nothing that needs tending or staking or potting or weeding or cutting or trimming
nothing that needs me
and when the grass is high and rustling
I’ll let flowers grow through my hair
through my fingers
my open palms
let myself be buried in fallen petals
burrow down in the dying grass
and eventually
let new grasses grow
all over

Lotte van der Krol

Lotte van der Krol writes stories and poetry that range from fantasy to horror to every-day-but-not-quite-normal. She likes to walk in the woods and swim in rivers, and then write about those things. Her work has been published by Capsule Stories (where ‘this spring’ appeared previously), Not Deer Magazine, Small Leaf Press, and others. Online you can find her at and on twitter @lottevdkrol