To the Heaven’s Fountain

The humming deer hide in the shrubs
Occasionally soaking in sunlight
In the breaks between the verdant canopy
Next to the lilies and wildflowers

The climb is a little steep
Each stride discouraging the weak minded
Yet encouraging those who see the true light
Seeing past the superficial like that through the leaves

The mountain side opens up now
A clearing in the forest
The calm babbling brook, with lazy ripples
Grinding much louder ahead

The water is so beautiful isn’t it?
It’s power to shift and change, much like our own
An era of tranquility and carefulness
Met with one of fierceness and impulse

A slight break with the songbirds
Taking in the mists of the azure
Swiftly picking up its pace
And we’ll be back on our way

The mighty giants begin to shy away
Even they don’t dare encroach on the fountain’s beauty
Our ascent is almost complete
The earthen mulch and soil turns to rock

Atop the staircase of nature’s asphalt

We reach it

We bask in the glory of the crispness, thrashing, yet controlled

Splashes and spray of the sweet fall

It’s streams highlighted by the sun’s rays
Turning bland into color
At last we have seen with our own eyes
The source of our entire passion

The sound is serenading
It’s almost too melodic to be true
I love hearing her sing
Please, let this encore never end

Poem by Tiny Seed's Literary Owl Intern, Eidan Miana